NetOne’s Daily, Weekly and Monthly “The One” Bundles Gone

netone daily weekly and montly data bundles gone

NetOne has nixed “The One” bundles, which had certainly struck the right cords with customers. These bundles, introduced the beginning of this month, offered generous amounts of data.

The One bundles offered subscribers cheaper data rates. The subscriptions came in daily, weekly and monthly options. The daily bundles offered the most data for you dollar. The largest bundle came in at $5 for 5GB, enough for a Netflix binge. As for the smallest one, it offered 60MB for 50c. 60MB can get you through a day of checking emails.

These bundles felt somewhat like a comeback for the reloaded promotion. Since POTRAZ did something to stop promotions, NetOne had been the first to offer a price change. Whether or not the regulator instructed this, we don’t know. But we will surely miss the bundles. They were an ill-fated hit.

What bundles to get next

With these bundles gone, we have to be content with One Fusion for now. If you still make voice calls, it is all you have. In any case, you should really  look into One Fusion. It is the best, seriously.

Or you can always skip the promotions craze, and stay put on your network. After all, promotions are seasonal.

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