Instapay is a mobile payments solution from Afrosoft Zimbabwe that you can use to buy airtime and electricity using Ecocash and Telecash. It brings ZESA tokens to Ecocash and Telecash on the cheap.

EcoCash, just like Telecash, was left out of the electricity buying game, and other players come in to do fill the void. Of course Telecash has an almost nonexistent user and agent base. You should note that the app is data driven. You wouldn’t want to try to use it while offline. In any case, data driven apps always look (and work) better. I’m looking at the new Ecocash app.

From the Welcome screen, you can choose to buy electricity or airtime. Once you enter your meter number, the Instapay Mobile shows you the owner of the meter, and their location. You then confirm that is the meter you want to top up.

After the confirmation, you choose your payment option. Either Ecocash or Telecash, and the mobile number that pays. If you choose Ecocash, There is an automatic popup that prompts you for your password to confirm. Once you confirm, the money is deducted and you receive your token.

The Electricity Token and Receipt

Your token is sent to you both through email and text message. In the email, you also receive a receipt. The receipt has a detailed overview of the breakdown of charges. You get to know how much you just contributed towards rural electrification.

zetdc-puchaseInstapay Mobile also brings cross-platform airtime purchases. You can buy airtime for any one of the three mobile networks. Whether you use Ecocash or Telecash to pay is up to you. You don’t need One Wallet to buy Netone airtime, this is the way it should be.

There is an option to enter a coupon code, but I haven’t found any lying around. If you do, please tell us in the comments how you did. Maybe you can win coupons somewhere that you can redeem in the app. Or a promo in the pipeline. In any case, we will wait for Afrosoft to tell us more.

In light of the current situation of cash crisis, mobile payments are the way forward. We would like to see the app integrated with Zim Switch. Just because we can ask for it. Complaints aside, nights of darkness are over.

You can download InstaPay Mobile from the Play Store. Alternatively, grab the APK here. It is refreshing to see gaps in our services being filled by private players. Now that you have options, what are you thoughts?


  1. Superb. I just realised the other app not on play store allows you to play pink lotto. well done Afrosoft


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