galaxy-note7_curve_phoneThe Galaxy Note 7 comes with a new secure folder feature. Don’t let the name ‘secure folder’ fool you, its way more functional than the earlier ‘private mode’.

Secure Folder can be used to store apps and pretty much anything separately from the main content. Add applications to this space, and all their data will be hidden. Unless you allow it, notifications won’t show as well.¬†You can even add a Google Account, in case you need play services. This also allows you to add applications from the play store that you do not want in the main user space.

You can lock access to the secure folder using all the different authentication methods on the Galaxy Note 7. Passwords, fingerprints all work. Or maybe you want the iris scanner. It’s there, so why not?

The best thing about secure folder is the Knox integration. This gives a low level security to the feature, as the authentication is at firmware level. To anyone who has ever used Knox, the security is clear.


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