Retrieving an Econet Puk Code

econet PUK code can be resetForgetting your PIN code is one of the things that always sends chills down the spine. Luckily for Econet Wireless Zimbabwe subscribers, you can easily recover an Econet PUK code. Without visiting a physical shop, or calling the customer services.

A PUK or ‘Personal Unlocking Key’ is a security feature on mobile SIM cards. The code is required when an incorrect PIN code is entered thrice. A PIN code is a “Personal Identification Number. Normally, this is the number you use to authenticate. You can always customise the number to something you will always remember. However, forgetting is only human and that is where PUK comes into play.

A PUK code is asigned to a SIM card once, and it can never be changed. As such, this means Econet keeps track of all the PUK codes for all the lines they offer. When your PIN is locked, you need to enter the PUK key. Once you enter a correct key, the device prompts for a new PIN code.

On Econet Wireless, you request your PUK code using the *111# service menu. You will need your ID number, and a frequently contacted number. You also need you simcard number. This is not your subscriber number, but the long number printed on the simcard itself. This is the actual number you can be contacted on, the rest is mapping. Once you have the details, enter them in the prompt and you are good to go.

Before you start saying how will I access the service when my phone is locked, know that you can still use the service on another phone. Since you plug in the SIMcard number, the system will reveal your number anyways. If all fails, you can always turn to twitter for assistance. Econet_Support is  actually responsive.

Go on, enjoy the convenience. You can always use USSD codes to do most things in your mobile life.


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