Here is How To Opt Out of Whatsapp-Facebook Data Sharing

whatsapp is now going the facebook way
whatsapp logo without data sharing to facebok
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While Whatsapp has decided to share your data with Facebook, you can also opt out of the sharing deal. At least for now. And the good news is it’s pretty easy, too. This also applies to those who have already accepted the new terms and conditions.

If you haven’t accepted the new terms and conditions yet, tap the read more. Once on that page, scroll to the bottom. (No one reads terms and conditions, right?) There is a checkbox that reads “Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook” Make sure to untick that checkbox before accepting the new terms.

If you have already accepted them, don’t fret. Yo can still opt out, but you have to do it within 30 days. To do so, go to the settings menu on whatsapp. Under accounts, find the checkbox that says “Share my account info” and that’s it. The application will not share your data with Facebook anymore.

While for now this may seem like it’s opt in, the future is not certain. When Facebook introduced Edge Rank and the Timeline, it was opt in. But Look at were we are now. Even on Instagram, algorithms decide what you get to see and what you do not. Hopefully the smart guys at Facebook won’t find a way to introduce it in your messages as well!

This change marks a new era in Whatsapp. They still try to maintain there is no selling of data to third parties. At the time when they made the deal, Facebook said the two apps would remain separate. Well, maybe in the realms of tech separate has various definitions. To me, this sound like ads on their way.

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