The average daily revenue for NetOne was nearly USD400 000 for August. This is a jump from $300k in June, said the CEO. The heavy investments that they are poring are paying off now.

Brian Mutandiro, the acting CEO, releases the information while handing over a base station. He says “The figure has gone up and it’s now close to US$400 000. Within the next months we will hit the 5 million mark (active subscribers) and as we continue to grow obviously revenues grow.” We are yet to see the average revenue per user for the year.

And it’s not only revenue that is growing. Latest Potraz data shows that the number of active subscribers rose 5,5{c509fa0689117bbb203bb121d1f17d6cabc65c372518e5121e451cedb6b210c3} this quater. The figures now stand at 4 360 208. During the same period, Telecel lost subscribers.

NetOne in an investment overdrive. From installing base stations to aggressive promotions, the company is on the right track. Their flagship product, NetOne OneFusion launched in May, is doing good on the market. And with the increased data allocations, it’s your best if not only option.

An increasing average daily revenue is a good push for investment. The mobile provider is eying a further $485 million expansion project. NetOne has slated it for year. With positive revenue number, what is to stop them? Also, this is an LTE project and is thus a future proof investment.

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