NetOne not spared in Potraz Promotion Crackdown

Potraz cracked down on Netone promotions, just like they did to Econet Wireless and Telecel. Netone’s dollar a day and OneFusion were not affected in the crackdown, though. This leaves netone as the best option.

The Data Bundles reloaded promotion has been suspended, with the tariffs being revised down. According to potraz, these were not the approved prices so they were discontinued. NetOne has started notifying users of the development. NetOne actually puts a notification that they revised the prices downwards under a Potraz directive.

Dollar a Day was approved as a permanent product. This means there is no need to renew them after a given period. This status saved dollar a day from being suspended. NetOne one fusion, the current flagship, has also escaped the ban. OneFusion is a permanent offering, and was not classified as a promotion.

Potraz cited that operators need to renew their promotions on time. There is no word on when any of these promotions will return. They were offering a solace in a time when mobile charges are quite high.


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