HTC Revenue Dip a Further 44pc Year-Over-Year

HTC-Logo-5HTC reported a loss again this quarter, with Q2 2016 revenue declining by 44{c509fa0689117bbb203bb121d1f17d6cabc65c372518e5121e451cedb6b210c3} year over year. This is not as bad as the drop in Q1, due to the VR and the HTC 10. The performance is actually better than the previous quarter.

HTC made a NT$4.2 billion ($133 million) loss in the second quarter of 2016. The revenue stood at NT$18.9 billion ($598 million). Revenue for Q1 2016 came in at NT$14.8 billion, and if this is anything to go by the future is brighter for the company. During the same period, Samsung posted positive numbers.

HTC has been trying to make a profit since 2013, when it recorded its first loss. It has since tried many strategy to make its figures positive, including diversifying their business. The HTC vive headset might be a good bet, as there is a 27{c509fa0689117bbb203bb121d1f17d6cabc65c372518e5121e451cedb6b210c3} increase in revenue over the previous quarter.

HTC company looks forward to a better Q3. They are betting on the Vive headset and continued momentum of the HTC 10. With the VR market still yet to mature, this is a good bet.

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