Allo and Duo move Hangouts into Business

allo and guo retire hangouts

Google plans to move hangouts to focus on business, as the roll out of Allo and duo continues. YouTube live is also taking up Hangouts on Air, removing it from Google Plus.

Hangouts has been trying to be a jack of all trades for some time now. In all that effort, Google has basically failed. In some way, this is Google admitting defeat. Hangouts really didn’t manage to do anything well. It could do most things, just enough.

Allo and Duo are unlike the traditional Google services, as they are not tied to your google account. Instead, you only need a phone number to use both apps. The apps take on FaceTime, boasting that it works across operating system. Of course facetime is limited to iOS.

Google has that duplication weakness. This time around, they are trying to clean up a little. By removing Hangouts, they help tell users what use. After all, the application tried its best. And failed.

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