Month: August 2016

Steward Bank Turns 3: Here’s their Innovations.

Steward bank was born when Econet Wireless took over TN Financial holdings. The bank has since grown to be a great force in the banking sector. Steward bank is at the forefront of technology, with their system feeling like it is better that the ones in the industry. This year Steward Bank made its first full

Twitter introduces a Quality Filter

Twitter has introduced a set of filters for Notifications and content. The filter primarily affects accounts you are not following. Expect the feature to silence those online troll posts, and accounts that always pop up. Notifications Settings Twitter now allows users to choose whether they like to see notifications from everyone, or from people they

Amazon Alexa Wants to Control Your Car as Well

Amazon’s Echo-based assistant Alexa is making inroads into the car infotainment system business. Luxury car maker Genesis Motors have linked their G80 and G90 to Alexa, allowing remote control of their cars by voice. The catch, you need Genesis Connected Services to use the feature. Genesis Connected Services links the Alexa service built into Amazon

Retrieving an Econet Puk Code

Forgetting your PIN code is one of the things that always sends chills down the spine. Luckily for Econet Wireless Zimbabwe subscribers, you can easily recover an Econet PUK code. Without visiting a physical shop, or calling the customer services. A PUK or ‘Personal Unlocking Key’ is a security feature on mobile SIM cards. The

Allo and Duo move Hangouts into Business

Google plans to move hangouts to focus on business, as the roll out of Allo and duo continues. YouTube live is also taking up Hangouts on Air, removing it from Google Plus. Hangouts has been trying to be a jack of all trades for some time now. In all that effort, Google has basically failed. In