Why you should give up on Removable Batteries. 

So your phone is almost dying on you? There’s nothing faster than swapping in a fully charged battery to replace a depleted one. But let’s face it, removable batteries are on the brink of extinction, and we only have ourselves to blame.

Due to our obsession for slimmer smartphones and bigger screens, we have pushed manufacturers into a rut. It is not our fault, as they are really cool. But it is simply impossible to make a slim device with a removable battery. Slimmer devices tax us in battery capacity as well, and removable batteries would help. But we can’t have the best of both worlds, so we just have to live with it.

Samsung used to maintain a removable battery in its smartphones. Just take a look at how everyone blasted them for making the Galaxy s5 plasticky and cheap. Their response was the glass and metal Galaxy s6 and s7. Everyone starts crying foul again, but a year ago you were pushing for a cooler device. Samsung had eliminated the removable battery, as they had to glue the different parts of the phone. Actually, they went a bit too far by also removing the microSD slot.

The construction for devices with removable batteries need rigid frames, strong enough to support the device without a battery and a back cover. This means a thicker chassis. The battery itself is constructed with a rigid case to facilitate removal. In the case of non-removable batteries, this is not a necessary. The circuitry needed to protect the battery is also reduced, as it is otherwise duplicated when removable batteries are used. One more thing, waterproof phones are cool, right?

Let’s swallow it, removable batteries are on their way out. At let us not point at the manufacturers, but at ourselves. Or maybe at Apple, for being so annoyingly successful at pushing technology that hurts the users. And no, The Note 6 7 will not have a removable battery.


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