Here Maps rebrands to Here WeGo

Here WeGo

Here Maps has gone through significant changes, including changing name to Here WeGo. They also announced a new web app, to be available at Many of the features announced will also be available on the web app.

On opening the application, it now presents you the question, “Where To.” Once you input a location, the app gives different transport options. The transport options include cycle tracks, transit, pedestrian tracks and everything. Bicycle routing will give you an idea of the elevation, so you know how hard you have to cycle to get there. It even includes a ride sharing route.

Here WeGo is integrated with the ride sharing application Car2Go. This will show you where the nearest available cars are on the map, with the estimated cost of using the rented car to get to your destination, the fuel level and more details about the car. It also allows you to open the Car2Go app to reserve right away.

The blog post claims their name change was to avoid confusion with other apps. And to align the name with the new focus of the application as well. Here WeGo does sound in line with going from place to place. The update also comes with a darker icon, but still close enough to the original one.

You can grab the latest app from Play Store or iTunes. The new update in the stores will replace the Here maps application with Here WeGo.

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