Facebook Fined 11.7M over Whatsapp Data in Brazil

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Whatsapp LogoA Brazilian prosecutor froze 38 million reais($11.7 million) of funds held in Facebook’s bank account over WhatsApp dispute. This comes a week after a judge ordered a ban on the service citing their failure to cooperate with law enforcement.

This is the third time that the service is in trouble with authority. In May, the service was banned for 72 hours. Masses rejected the ban, turning to twitter to express their concern. This latest ban was however indefinite, until a supreme court overturned the ruling.

Whatsapp’s argument is that due to end to end encryption, they simply do not have the data required. This has led to the prosecute freezing the sum of money in Facebook’s account. The judge claims the funds are equal to the amount Facebook needs to pay in fines for being uncooperative.

These kinds of blockages fuel usage of other apps, as the previous blockage saw a million new sign ups on rival Telegram. Surprisingly, these other applications that also feature end to end encryption are always operational.


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