Month: July 2016

Facebook Fined 11.7M over Whatsapp Data in Brazil

A Brazilian prosecutor froze 38 million reais($11.7 million) of funds held in Facebook’s bank account over WhatsApp dispute. This comes a week after a judge ordered a ban on the service citing their failure to cooperate with law enforcement. This is the third time that the service is in trouble with authority. In May, the

Here Maps rebrands to Here WeGo

Here Maps has gone through significant changes, including changing name to Here WeGo. They also announced a new web app, to be available at Many of the features announced will also be available on the web app. On opening the application, it now presents you the question, “Where To.” Once you input a location,

How to use Econet Wi-Fi

Econet Wireless recently introduce free wifi bundles, and here is how you can use them. From using a password to using the more complex SIM authentication, we have you covered. The easiest way for you to use these bundles is to use the Econet Wifi open hotspot. This method saves you the configuration that you

Why You Should Use A VPN. Always.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is akin to your good old coded messages of old. Now on the internet. You use a VPN to anonymize website traffic, and to hide websites you visit from whoever is monitoring your internet. And of course to get access to geo-restricted content. A VPN makes a secure connection

Task Killers do more Harm than Good

You probably have a RAM booster installed. Or a Task killer. These applications actually harm your device more than they help. In short, stop using them. What are task killers or speed boosters? Task killers’ principle of operation is freeing up RAM. To understand how they work we need a little background. RAM stands for