Netone has silently returned free data and minutes when you purchase airtime. The promotion is back as Awake, offering voice and data.

Free On-Net voice

Buying airtime worth a dollar now earns you 10 minutes of on net calls. There is no subscription necessary, and you still get to use all your airtime the way you want. NetOne had scratched these benefits in favour of Dollar A Day bundles. Also OneFusion bundles, which offer all services. There is no unlimited free period though, at least for now.

Free awake data

You also get free 5MB worth of data, as well as the usual SMS. The free data allocation is shown in bundles as awake data. Before you recharge with your connection turned on, keep in mind there is a lag between recharging and allocation of the bonus data. 5MB is not much, you have to be quick in purchasing any of the cheaper data bundles.

NetOne had removed the original dollar a day after it proved to be loss making. NetOne posted a loss in an industry where the largest player posted a profit. As they are the second largest operator, they should also make profit. A resurrection of the promotion at 10 minutes for a dollar seems reasonable. We want free stuff, but you need to make a profit.

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