Bots allegedly being used to inflate Brexit Referendum Petition.

A petition for another referendum against Brexit has allegedly been rigged. Investigations are underway to determine whether or not bots generated the traffic. They have already nullified some 77 000 signatures.

Hackers from the 4Chan messaging board are claiming responsibility for the signatures. They claim they used bots to inflate the numbers. There are some tiny areas that generated signatures way more than their population. This is what led to  investigations. The United Kingdom’s Government Digital Service is carrying out the investigation. The service has disqualified 77 000 signatures already.

Scripts masquerading as humans online probably generated these votes. It is these bot votes that have already been disqualified. It is also possible the signatures have been generated by real people from within UK. People using proxies and VPN services to hide their Internet activity.

Other than the political implications, the malicious signatures have a security perspective as well. The outcome of the investigation will give a validity to the whole petition signing process. And a check up of the British security.


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