Month: June 2016

Dollar A Day now Awake, NetOne

Netone has silently returned free data and minutes when you purchase airtime. The promotion is back as Awake, offering voice and data. Free On-Net voice Buying airtime worth a dollar now earns you 10 minutes of on net calls. There is no subscription necessary, and you still get to use all your airtime the way

Apple Watch gets a lot better, updates from WWDC 2016

The apple watch has been shown some love at the ongoing WWDC keynote event, with the software being updated to watchOS v3. This brings a plethora of new features, and speed, to the current watches. The developer preview is available from today. Apps now run in the background and preload information. This makes everything a

Facebook activates Video Comments

Facebook has rolled out Video Comments to all its users. The feature allows video replies to posts by people, pages and groups. To check it out, just grab the latest update. The addition of videos in comments was introduced at Facebook’s 50th hackathon, earlier this year. It has been finalized and polished after that, and