Maybe you have been enticed by NetOne’s OneFusion and decided to switch. Currently, NetOne does not configure data settings automatically on users’ devices. One has to manually add the APN from the settings menu, which might be a daunting task for some. Read along for the access point and internet settings for netone.

NetOne Access Point Name (APN)

For all mobile devices, the only detail you need is the Access Point Name for their network. This includes Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows smartphones. The same settings are still valid for Nokia and Samsung feature phones as well. For mobile data access, the NetOne APN is internet.netone. For the APN name, feel free to use anything.

The APN is the only important thing for netone internet settings. You may, however, want to add more if you intend to use tethering on Android. Check out how to enable internet access on USB or Wifi Tethering on Lollipop for more on this.

Android APN settings

To set up an Android phone, go to the settings menu and look for mobile network settings. Under that menu, there is a setting for mobile networks, or wireless and networks. Poke around until you find the setting for Access Point Name. On Samsung devices, you can find it under more networks. Once you are there, the rest is the same for all Android smartphones.

netone internet settings apn on samsung galaxy

Select add new in the APN list. If you are on a version of Android below 4.4 KitKat, you might be presented with a blank screen. Just tap the hardware menu key to reveal the add new option. Just enter the APN for NetOne, internet.netone, and anything for the name. Enable mobile data and you will be able to access mobile data.

Windows Phone / Microsoft Mobile / Nokia Smartphone

To edit the mobile internet configuration for windows mobile, navigate to settings. Go to Network & Wireless, then Cellular & SIM, and then SIM settings. Scroll until you find add internet APN. In there, just fill that same APN as for any other mobile. Use any name you want for the profile, and select save.

Back in the SIM settings list, tap apply on the newly created profile. This should get you going. Happy Browsing.

Apple iPhone / iOS

To change the APN on an iPhone you need to go your device settings. Navigate to cellularcellular data network. You will be presented with various fields. Fill in the fields for the APN, which is internet.netone. For the name, use anything as well.

With NetOne currently offering the cheapest data bundles on the market, one should find these handy. Potraz suspended the data bundles reloaded promotion. You might want to know the USSD codes for accessing the services they offer.

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