OneFusion bundles,  which offer an all round access to services,  are the latest offering from Netone.  These bundles have a 30 day validity,  and they include social media access,  as well as off net voice. The service is a fusion of many offers into one.

One Fusion bundles start from $5, all the way up to $200.  The model they work in is somewhat like a prepaid contract line,  comparable to Telecel red. The current economic situation does not really encourage post paid option anyway. It’s an alternative to OnePlatinum,  Netone’s contract plan. This other plan is only offered to businesses though, starting from 5 lines.

The one fusion bundles can be accessed from the One Menu,  *171# on option 2. They can also be accessed from *400#. The *400# menu indicates a departure from the traditional Netone. This is part of the strategy shift.

Off net voice included in the offering is acceptable. The cheapest $5 fusion offers 18 minutes, and this goes all the way to 1536 minutes in the $200 bundle. On net minutes are offered more generously. These range from 60 minutes, rising up to 4480 minutes with the biggest bundle. The larger offers, from $50 upwards, also include international voice minutes.

For those who still use them, SMS are also included. These start from a paltry 10 for the 5 dollar bundle. With the larger bundles, well, they should suffice. After all, who really needs a lot of those anyway.

One Fusion bundles offer social media access.  For the $5 bundle,  Whatsapp allocation is 700MB, and Facebook allocation is 900MB. It seems Twitter was not invited to the party for the $5 bundle. In all the higher bundles, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp are all included and unlimited. This new offering makes the social media bundles somewhat obsolete. It makes more economic sense to buy the OneFusion bundle over any other social bundle.

These changes are all part of the new management’s strategy to turn around the company, and make some profit. They have been operating at a loss. Other recent changes include significant changes to dollar a day, refreshing the monthly data bundles and a new offering of 48 hour bundles.

Netone is moving from being a voice company, to become a future proof one. The new Netone should appeal to users of all kinds.  From the senior citizens who only care about voice, to the millennials who only know of Facebook and Whatsapp. After all, they are currently offering the cheapest data. With OneFusion, everyone is happy. 

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