NetOne Ends Dollar A Day, Replaces it with Bundles

Dollar A Day promotion, the ever so popular promotion that placed NetOne back in the minds of customers, has been laid to rest. At least in the original sense, as it has been replaced by bundles. The promotion is to be discontinued 09 May 2016, 1700 hours.

Dollar a day has been replaced by a new set of bundles dubbed Dollar A Day bundles. A subscriber has to purchase these separately. These bundles can be accessed from the *171# menu, just like most other services. The new bundles offer Voice, Data and Texts at significantly lower prices, valid until up to 5am the following day for the 2 cheapest bundles. The validity of the other Dollar A Day bundles is a reflection of the price, all the way up to 10 days. Much like its daily data bundle.

The higher purchased bundles, starting from $2, offer a longer off peak time, which starts at 2000hrs, in contrast to 22oohrs for the cheaper bundles. On-net voice for off-peak calls is offered starting from the $1 bundle, and offers up to 1200 minutes for the $10 bundle.

The major factor that will upset subscribers is that with the original dollar a day, there was no need to buy bundles or anything. That means you could still access the promotion and keep your dollar for later, even purchasing bundles. Now that one has to pay for it, these are now essentially NetOne Combo bundles, much like Telecel’s mega chat bundles. The promotion had already shown signs of dying, with the free time allocation being reduced over and over on the recent times. The free minute allocation was now at 15Min, and the unlimited talk time cut back to 12am.

These changes comes as part of the new NetOne management‘s strategy turnaround, TechZim reports. There are claims that the company was basically operating at a loss, with the average price per call on the network at 3c. The dollar a day bundles join the other bundle offerings from NetOne, which include Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Text and Data combo bundles. We are yet to see if this will be enough to console the subscribers lamenting the loss of a promotion.

We will update the post with more information once we get a response from NetOne on the minute details concerning the new promotion.

Edit: The new Dollar a day bundles include voice for off-net calls. The validity for each of the bundles reflects the price, that is the $2 bundle is valid for 2 days, up to 10 days. The $2 $5 and $10 bundles off peak access window is from 2000hrs, while the $0.50 and $1 bundle access window is from 2200. The access windows all terminate at 0500.


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