Month: May 2016

ARM releases Cortex A73 alongside MALI-G71 GPU

Your next Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone for 2017 is in for a treat, with faster and more efficient chips under the hood. Advanced RISC Machines (ARM), the company that develops the technology powering most smartphones, has announced the next generation of CPU cores and GPU. The new Cortex A73 cores are about 30 percent

Securing your Smartphone Against Theft

Smartphones are now part of our lives, and losing one is certainly a devastating experience. With the high end mobiles that cost a fortune, this might mean loss of a few months’ investment. This makes securing your device a priority. Thanks to technological advances, recovering your lost smartphone is much easier, if you know how

Whatsapp releases stand-alone Desktop Client

Whatsapp has released a new desktop client for windows and Mac. The client works much like the Web Client, in that it simply allows mirroring of content from your phone. That means one still has to install Whatsapp on a phone. This only helps allow replying of messages on the fly while working on the

Phishing Scams: All You Need to Know

Phishing is an act in which an attacker masquerades as a reputable entity in order to trick users into giving up their online particulars, primarily usernames, passwords and banking details. Phishing is primarily carried out using emails, IM and Social Media. Phishing Scams carried out through social media, if successful, have a somewhat exponential effect. Once

Netone Internet Settings

Maybe you have been enticed by NetOne’s OneFusion and decided to switch. Currently, NetOne does not configure data settings automatically on users’ devices. One has to manually add the APN from the settings menu, which might be a daunting task for some. Read along for the access point and internet settings for netone. NetOne Access