Internet In ZImbabwe: The Best value

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Mobile internet in Zimbabwe has been improving drastically over the past year. Maybe it’s that the operators have finally realised that users need data. Or maybe it has now dawned on them that the internet is not Whatsapp, Facebook and Opera Mini. The daily bundles have offered data at prices that are are actually realist. In this post, we will dissect each of the bundle offerings to find the best value for money.

Every operator now has a daily bundle of some sort, at least if by that definition we mean significantly cheaper data. On a purely price basis, Telecel wins at the amount of data for a dollar. For a dollar, Telecel offers 300MB of data, compared to 270MB from NetOne, and 250MB from Econet. The landscape changes when we consider that one can simply purchase NetOne’s 50cent bundle twice, to get the same value. For those with deeper pockets, Econet’s 1GB and 2GB bundles offer more value. They are priced at $2 and $3 respectively.

On comparing the overall value though, NetOne wins this round.NetOne offers 48 hour bundle validity, compared to others offering 24Hours. 48 is better than 24 hours. What use would be a lot of data with a minimal amount of time to blow through it?

Promotions aside, NetOne has updated its monthly data offerings. So did Econet. For NetOne, its monthly bundles are the cheapest yet. The entry point offering at 50cents rivals Econet’s daily bundle offering, at 50MB. For $50, the offering is at par with Econet’s LTE bundle, which gives 10GB. This surely is a sweet deal, if you have that money to blow. With both operators offering LTE, the speed is not of concern here so well, we make it a tie. On 3G however, the a landslide victory goes to NetOne. Econet and Telecel still offer about 10MB for a dollar which, as we all know, does nothing. Thus, if you are looking to buy bundles once a month, NetOne is the way to go.

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