Double Data on Sunday Ends

daily bundles double data

Econet has brought an end to it’s Double Data on Sundays promotion. The promotion was introduced back in February, and offered subscribers of daily bundles extra data equal to the amount purchased. Well, the promotion has run its course, and has been terminated. This has an impact on the heavy users who would want to NetFlix and Chill on Sundays, otherwise it does not have much of an impact.

This returns the Daily Bundles offering back to where they were. And brings up again the talk of who offers the cheapest data. In this country, there is virtually no subscriber loyalty, and price just rules. The talk of daily bundles has become hot, with NetOne and Telecel finally unveiling their own offerings.

The Telecel daily bundle is the cheapest on  price basis, and the NetOne daily bundle offers well, the best value. Econet was the first to offer these bundles almost a year ago. This year they introduced new offerings, with higher priced bundles. Comparing for the dollar, Econet offers 250MB, NetOne offers 270MB, and Telecel offers 300MB.

Well, we are still on the lookout for the next promotion to come out. After all, this is basically the way our market operates.



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