Netone Data and Daily Bundles: The cheapest you can get.

By | March 25, 2016

The revamped data bundles and the 48 hour daily bundles offered by NetOne are, currently, the best on the market. Offering 2-day bundles from as low as 5 cents, and monthly data from 50 cents, this offer is truly worth checking if you haven’t already. After a few years of focusing on the dollar a day promotion,  they have finally introduced it in the data space.

NetOne monthly data bundles

The monthly data bundles start from 50 cents, and are priced just as aggressively. The cheapest data bundle is the 50MB, priced at just 50 cents.  The price rises all the way up to 10GB for $50. Well,  the offer beats some of the offerings by data only providers out there. And if you have an LTE capable device,  the speeds to match are also there.

The table below gives a summary of the data bundles offered by NetOne,  and the price for each bundle.

5010 000 (10GB)0.00500

48 Hour data and SMS combo

For the 48 hour bundles,  pricing starts at $0.05, yes,  that’s 5 cents. These are not just data bundles, but are data and SMS combo bundles. 5 cents gets you 5MB and an equal number of texts, while a dollar gives 270MB. The best values is with the $0.50 48 hour bundle, which offers 150MB and 150 texts at 0.33cents/MB. NetOne did a first, buy bundling SMS with data in these bundles.

Tabulated below is the entire NetOne 48 hour bundle. Go ahead and check the value for each of the bundles. The last column shows the effective cost of a megabyte on each bundle.


To access these bundles, just dial *171#, the same menu used to access other bundles like Facebook and Twitter bundles. In case you need codes for other offers from NetOne, go here.

One thing worth noting is the bundle offering 270MB. The bundle is relatively more expensive, compared to the bundle just smaller than it. For the 48 hour combo bundles, it offers a price of 0.37 cents per MB, compared to 0.33 cents per MB for the 50c bundle. Thus one needs to consider whether they really need the 270MB. In any case, you can buy the 50c bundle twice!

So, go ahead, “Surf, Learn, and tell everyone”

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