Setting up Your Device: Econet Internet

Now that you have purchased your shiny new device, it’s time to set it up. Econet usually does a good job of pushing internetĀ settings automatically to a device, but sometimes it just won’t work. One of the most important settings is for Internet Access. To set up your device, you need to know the APN used by econet, and where to plug it into your device.

Internet settings

For most devices, setting up Econet internet is as easy as a text to 222. Send a message with the text “ALL” to 222. The system responds with the model of your phone, confirming they have received your request. A message then follows with the settings. Depending on the device, select either save or install from the option. The settings will be added, and you can connect.

A problem may arise if the SIM card is not activated for mobile data access. For data activation on Econet, send a blank SMS to 145. A message will be send confirming the request. In a few moments another message will be pushed notifying that activation was successful.

In the event that the device does not accept automatic configuration from Econet, you have to set it up manually. The information that is necessary for the setup is basically the Access Point Name, APN. The name for the connection you can be anything, and the rest just leave as is. The APN, which can be used with Telecel too, is given below:

Econet APN:

For Android devices, Navigate to Settings, Mobile Networks, Access Point Names, and select add new. Add the Econet APN in the field that opens, and remember to select save.

Setting up Voicemail

Gone are the days when Econet’s voicemail service was a ripoff, charging both the caller and the called. The system used to charge the caller normal rates to leave a message. To retrieve the message, one would again be charged the same rate, meaning the same call would be charged twice. These days, only the one who made the call is charged, and retrieval is completely free. Activate Buddie Voicemail service by dialing **61*122# for FREE and you will never miss a call again!

Short-codes for subscriptions

You can visit this page to get a list of the short codes that are used on the network to subscribe to a variety of services and promotions that are offered time and again.

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