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Telecel broadband is one of the most used internet access points, being from a mobile network operator. To access the network, we need the settings. Telecel is capable of pushing these settings to a device automatically, but that is not always the case. In those situations, we find ourselves having to set up the device manually. Read more below to know how to configure your mobile device with Telecel Internet Settings.

The most important detail is the APN, as this will connect the device to the web.The Access Point Name for Telecel is internet. This is basically all that makes up mobile broadband settings, be it for any operator. The instructions below give an overview of where you can put these internet on the major operating systems, that is Android, iOS and Windows phone (Windows Mobile?).  The only difference the settings for other operators from these Telecel Internet Settings is the APN. Which does not matter in practice, as they are compatible.


To set up an Android device, follow these steps:

Select Settings from your launcher
Select Wireless and Network settings
Go to Mobile Networks
Click Access Point Names

Choose add APN. On android versions before 4.4 KitKat, you might be presented with a blank screen. Just tap the hardware menu key, and the option add the access point name will be given. Then proceed to enter the APN name, and you can set it to anything basically. Where it asks for the APN, enter internet. If you want, you can set the APN type to internet. Save the new configuration, as it will otherwise be discarded. Fire up your browser, you should now be connected.


  • Go to your settings
  • Follow the command: > Settings > General > Network
  • find an option Cellular Network Data and tap it
  • Enter the Access Point Name “internet” as before

After entering these manual configurations, you should be able to access data from your device. You are done configuring for mobile data access. They are valid for all generations of data, including 2G and 3G.

You can check out Econet Internet settings, as well as for NetOne broadband. These are basically all that is needed to access the internet from the Zimbabwean networks. If you haven’t bought the bundles yet, well you can check out the following offers to subscribe. Telecel Zimbabwe has daily bundles, as well as night shift bundles, for owls of course. NetOne has 48 hour bundles, as well as OneFusion valid for a month. Econet is still offering Daily Bundles, now with more denominations.

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