Nite Chat From Econet, And Double Data On Sunday Daily Bundles Promotion

The social handles of Econet are touting it’s latest “Bag of Goodies”. Econet introduced 10 to 5 NIte talk promotion for voice users, and double data for daily bundles on Sunday. The Nite Chat offers free talk time on Econet to Econet calls. Double data gives bonus data equal to the daily bundle purchased every Sunday.

In the 10 to 5 Nite Talk promotion, Subscribers get free 15 on net minutes. A subscriber has to make a call lasting a minute. After that, the next 15 Minutes of calls to Econet numbers the same day will not be charged. This promotion is quite similar to the dollar a day promotion from NetOne. In Net One’s case, it was quite a successful promotion. This nite chat idea, reminiscent of a similar thing back in the day, is certainly a promising promotion.

In the face of declining voice revenues, it is a step forward in retaining the revenues. The Nite Talk taps into the unused capacity of the network. Thus, it is not expected to impact the network negatively. A boost in the Average Revenue Per User.

Econet free data

Also on offer is doubling of daily bundles. The Double Data promotion applies to data bundles that are purchased on Sundays, and the bonus data validity expires midnight the day purchased. This is on of the most generous offers, and extends to 2gig for $2, something no other operator has done. This applies to any of the daily bundles, 50c up to $3.

The double data is automatically added, and a notification is pushed to remind that extra data has been awarded. The validity period of the data is a concern, as 2Gig of data is not exactly something an average user would burn through in 24 hours, even without factoring in slow networks.

Facebook daily bundles

Also introduced were Daily Facebook bundles. Previously, only Whats-app had daily bundles, and Twitter is for free. The Introduced bundles come in light and extra variants, just like any other social bundle.

Data has traditionally been expensive, and these moves encourage use of mobile data. These offers mean more reasonable pricing of data, but we still need unlimited internet. At least you don’t need to lose sleep to access the data bundle. Looks like we will be able to Netflix and Chill on weekends now.


Double Data on Sundays has come to its end of life.

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