Powertel USSD Codes To Recharge And Inquire Balance

Powertel Communications offers a mobile CDMA based network, and competitive data pricing. It’s a bit of a hustle to know the short codes used to perform routine actions on the network. This post brings you the Powertel USSD codes. Support numbers that can be used to recharge the device, inquire balance, get support are given. Also to subscribe to data services and promotions. The table below lists the few codes that are used on Powertell.

USSD and SMS codes


To recharge your account, SMS the voucher PIN to the number ‘100’. This can be done from the modem, or a mobile phone. A message will be displayed confirming the recharge amount. On modem it is a short notification. Alternatively, to recharge you can use Ecocash.

Balance Inquiry

For balance inquiry, send the word ‘BAL’ to the number ‘600’ via SMS. Works to check both modem balance and phone. A message will be received shortly with the airtime balance for the Powertel account. From the modem, to send a message click on ‘SMS’ tab on the ribbon and select new.

How to send text to inquire balance
Sending a balance inquiry from a Powertel Modem


Alternatively, use the calling option to access the account. Dial the number ‘444’ to access the voice menu. The intuitive voice commands will direct you to either recharge the account, or for balance inquiry.  The dialing interface on the modem is found by clicking on ‘voice’ tab. This is the same tab used for calling other local numbers, currently at a significantly lower rate.

Online SelfService Recharge and Inquiry

This is the easiest interface to use, and actually offers the most options. To access self service, log on to the portal here. Or click login in the client section of their website. You need your phone number and the default password for the account is 000000 (A string of six zeros). On the number section, omit the first Zero. Including it will result in the number being rejected. And no warnings are issued, so you may end up wondering why your phone number “does not exist”. If you don’t have an account number, make a call to 888. (From a Powertel number). The help center will sort out the number issues, as it was not necessary previously and some forgot it.

From the online portal, a number of self service options exist and these include:

  • Recharge. This is for entering the Recharge PIN
  • Balance Inquiry. Gives the balance for airtime and all subscriptions. Data bundle subscriptions and expiry dates as well as promotions.
  • Bundle Purchases. Use the ‘My Promotion’ under ‘My Product’ to select recharge bundles. This is where you can purchase the promotions that come up from time to time.
  • CDR Inquiry. Useful to check you usage, for both the voice or data under ‘Online Content’.

The site uses the port 8080 and it is required to open the site. Also, the interface seems to freeze randomly while loading, so just be patient.

Powertel Support

Support can be reached toll free on 888 from a Powertel number. Alternatively, call 08611208222-6 from any number. It might be more value to call one of the premium support numbers, as assistance comes much quicker that way.

You can also get USSD codes for other networks from here.



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