Netone USSD Codes: Recharge, Inquire Balance, Subscribe

NetOne is moving on to employ USSD codes widely on its network, and this creates hole where people don’t know how to access services. And the network is not doing any good by burying simple options like checking data balance deep in USSD menus.

In the table below, USSD codes in use by NetOne for balance inquiry, bundles and the like are given. A short guide for the hidden, but needed, services is given also below the table.

*130*1#One Weather
*133*recharge pin#Airtime Top Up
*134#Airtime Balance inquiry
*34000*1#Data Bundle menu
*120*8#Prepaid Electricity for OneWallet
*171#All NetOne bundles menu, more on that below.

*171# Magic Number

The bundles offered by NetOne can be accessed from this shortcode. This applies to all bundles,  including the recently launched Dollar A Day bundles. The data balances, which used to be accessed from *134#, have also been moved here.

Services that are accessible from this menu on NetOne are

  1. Dollar a day
  2. Bundle
  3. Airtime Recharge
  4. Balance inquiry
  5. Easy credit
  6. Credit transfer
  7. Call me back
  8. Product change
  9. Promotions

Promotional Data Bundle

The high data value bundles from NetOne can be accessed from the 171 menu as well. The bundles offer cheaper internet than the competition, at least currently. You can check out more on the daily Data and SMS combo bundle.

Netone Call Me Back

NetOne does not have a USSD code to send a call me back. To send a call me back, text the number you wish to call you back to 7070.

Alternatively, you can use the USSD code option. The option is found under the *171# menu. You can always use either option, but at least the text message option does not involve waiting through network delays.

Airtime Top Up and Balance Inquiry

134 is the magic number for balance inquiry on NetOne. The quickest way to request is by dialing the shortcode, *134#. Alternatively, send a blank message to 134. A text message will be pushed to your phone with the balance.  Or make a voice call to the same number. A voice assistant will read out the balance. To recharge via SMS, send the recharge PIN to 133. Alternatively, call 133 and enter the recharge pin as prompted by the voice assistant. This one was a life saver when the network was overcrowded, back in the day.

OneWallet Code

NetOne does not make use of USSD short codes for OneWallet. Instead, the service is accessed from the NetOne services menu, as described below. This is a refreshing deviation from the traditional use of these hard to remember codes, as the service is offered as a navigable menu.

NetOne Services

This is a menu that is activated when you have a NetOne SIM. The menu gives access to a number of services, like One Wallet. Other services include contact backup. This allows you to save contacts to their severs, and retrieve them. Sending business cards to your caller is also offered.

VIsit the service codes for Econet, Telecel and Powertel. Bookmark the pages to have a quick reminder! You can visit the Netone Website here to see more services on offer.


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