Whatsapp bug: 4K smilies will crash the application.

Remember last year when sending a whatsapp message with more than 2000 words would kill whatsapp? It seems the researchers found another bug, and this time uses emoticons. Sending a message with 4000 smilies will crash the Android whatsapp application, as well as the Web clients. The iOS application seems to be immune to the bug,  and only slows down when it receives

the message.
The researchers published their discovery on their blog Whatsapp Crash V2 – crashing PC browser and mobile app.
Until whatsapp releases an update, forcing someone to delete your chat with them is as easy as sending the 4K smily message. (Which in itself is no easy task. the application begins to slow down dramatically from around 750 smilies. Using the Web clients is a better option.)


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