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In as much as many have undertaken to serve the internet community with news and other useful information, I hereby begin my journey as a blogger to serve the world,  particularly the Zimbabwean internet community, with current information about the happenings in the tech space.

It is with much joy that I say accessing the internet is becoming increasing affordable. This has created a greater opportunity for Zimbabweans to be served by the internet. To my dismay, I have noticed that “The Internet”, which is supposed to be a hive of information, is a technical void as far as Zimbabwe is concerned. I have taken it upon myself, in as much as others before me have, to fill this void.

If for any reason something that has been posted on this site is known to be incorrect, or for some reason you feel that certain content on this site needs to be removed, please feel free to contact on the support options, or email my support email.

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