Zimbabwe USSD Codes for Mobile Networks

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes, USSD codes, are used to access network services. With the number of services offered, they are hard to remember. To add on, with the everyone owning a SIM card for all the network operators and hoping from promotion to promotion in search for affordable rates, the list grows even longer. Below are links to posts which lists them down.


For Econet Wireless, the largest by subscriber base, visit this page. All the codes are given in the table, including the support numbers. Use them to access your favourite promotions at any time, as the table is updated regularly to reflect the current offerings. So yes, even the daily bundles are shown here.

netone images

For NetOne, visit this page. The table contains relatively less entries, but is exhaustive for your needs. Once any new codes pop up, the list is updated to reflect the addition, so you can bank on it.

telecel Zimbabwe

For Telecel Zimbabwe, visit this page. Telecel has an equally large offering, and we keep the post up to date. So why not go check it out if you need any reminder? The codes for night shift bundle is also included, and any upcoming promotion will be as well!

Powertel Communications Zimbabwe Logo

For codes and instructions on Powertel, visit this page. Powertel is more focused on their web client, but they still offer just enough to view your balance. Also, they don’t really offer much mobile services, as they are mainly an internet focused company. They do take pride in being the first company to offer 3G services.

These codes are necessary for basic operation of the service, from airtime top-up, balance inquiry and subscription to services. Bookmark this page for a quick reminder when you need to reuse these codes, and free your brains of unnecessary clutter. After all, isn’t that the Internet?

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