Telecel Zimbabwe has introduced new data bundles, dubbed “Night shift bundles”. Data is offered for significantly lower prices. These bundles have a striking similarity to the recently phased out dream bundles from Econet Wireless. The Night Shift Data Bundles are usable from 10PM – 6am, and come in the following prices and amounts:

$1 gets you 350MB, valid for 2 days

$2 gets you 800MB valid for 5 days

$3 gets you 1024MB valid for 7 days.

To access the bundles, dial *470# and subscribe to any bundle of your choice. The bundles are more expensive, but have a longer validity period, and this might be a welcome trade-off, at least for me. In case you may forget the code for the night shift bundle, or any network code, visit this page for a list of the USSD codes.

The night shift bundles tap into the unused bandwidth during off peak browsing times. This offers more value to the customer, as the internet prices are otherwise to high.Also, the average revenue  per user is increased without need for a network upgrade. Encouraging night time usage of data also results in offloading of the network, especially these days of internet heavy applications.

Is it really worth losing sleep over, or are you still waiting for a daytime promotion, similar to Econet’s offering of daily bundles which have been revamped for those with deeper pockets. Tell us what you think about the bundles in the comments.


  1. No wrong can ever be justified by the severity of another. Internet connection is still VERY expensive in Zimbabwe and unless we see the advent of uncapped mobile data plans, I’ll never say otherwise.


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