Keep your PC blazing

In this economy, it’s many a day that I find myself wanting to kick my PC and crush it, when it suddenly crawls. As age kicks in on any piece of machinery, it tends to get less efficient. Silicon is no exception. However, before you show your old silicon the door, or bang it in anger, these few simple tips will help you get the most

out of your hardware.


Yes, run that windows update. This easily seems like the most trivial task on the list, and with data caps, updating isn’t something that really comes to the mind of the average user. But updating will do your PC a lot more good than is apparent. Security vulnerabilities tend to degrade your systems’s performance, and there are always performance improvements and bug fixes in newer drivers that hardware vendors release.

Do not install unnecessary software. Remove bloatware. Be wary of toolbars.

Extra software that is installed on a PC always impacts performance negatively. Unless a program is absolutely necessary, refrain from installing it. rather, open up Programs and Features, and pluck out all the software that is not used. Toolbars make a browser seem to take infinity to load, and for most people serve no real purpose at the same time. Uninstall all toolbars, and if a program asks to install one, just reject the offer.

Disable startup items

Windows 8 came with a new task manager which simplifies the disabling of startup programs. head over to the startup tab, and turn off startup for all unnecessary applications. Why would one need a networks manger application that auto-starts and run in the background, when Windows has a fully functional


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