How to pay your DStv Zimbabwe Account

With the ongoing cash crisis, accessing foreign currency. is ever becoming more of a challenge. As a result, your options to pay DStv are dwindling by the day.

Here, we have the summary of the options that you have as of November 2017. The options all boil down to you either holding cash, having a relative in the diaspora, or having an account with one of the prestigious banks around. Without that, you have to wade into the legal grey area of using agents to pay for your account.

Using DStv SelfService to pay

If you happen to have a working VISA or MasterCard, you are in luck. MultiChoice has a portal that you can use to pay for your account.

Thanks to the self-service portal, you can also be assisted by your relatives in the diaspora to pay for the account. Just give them your smartcard number, and they can pay for your account from anywhere in the world.

EcoCash has officially suspended their MasterCards, both the physical and physical cards. Back in the day, you could use the same portal with EcoCash’s cards to your benefit. This essentially means you can no longer use EcoCash to pay, unless…

EcoCash Rand Wallet

If you have Rands, you can use EcoCash to pay. Walk up to an agent and ask to deposit into the rand wallet. After that, you can then pay up directly from your account. Where you get those rands is, well, your own business.


It is still possible to use some banks to make payments. The banks fall into two categories, either they require an account with them or access to USD in cash. DStv payment through these banks is still the same it used to be, instant activation and all. You should be prepared to meet the bank charges as well.

Use one of these banks, even without an account

If you happen to have cash at hand, NMB and POSB will allow you to make direct deposits into your DStv account. But, by cash, the banks are referring to US notes, not bond notes and coins.

DStv has gone so far as to distance themselves from this practice by banks. In essence, they are saying all they want is money in their South African account. How you put the money there is up to you the customer.

Use your own bank to pay for DStv

The banks below will allow you to use money in your accounts to pay for DStv. The only catch is that you need to have an account with them. Not a terrible idea, if only they still allowed you to open accounts with them. For most of these banks, opening accounts is either a hustle or has outright been closed.

CABS (Gold and Platinum customers only)

Pay DStv Zimbabwe from South Africa

If you have a relative living down South, you may ask them to make payments on your behalf.

The ABSA bank details for payment are as below:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 4054005755
BRANCH CODE: 050570590
SORT CODE: 6320-05

Take note to indicate the first 10 digits of the smartcard number in the reference section. Note that this route takes a little bit longer. MultiChoice advises that you make your payments at least 2 days in advance, just to avoid service disruption.

MultiChoice warns that the payments are still being made to DStv Zimbabwe. That means if a payment is done through a South Africa DStv agent the money is lost.

Use ‘DStv Payment Agents’

Enterprising citizens are already assisting people to pay for their DStv through ZIPIT and EcoCash. You pay a premium if you go this route, though. All you have to do is provide your smartcard number to the agents, and pay them their money with a premium once your account is funded. This route the rates can go up as much as 30%…

The legality of this practice is also in question. This could amount to illegal trade in foreign currency and the banks involved are equally unhappy. Barclays went so far as to threaten to suspend bank cards of individuals who are using VISA cards a lot. This came after they noticing the cards were now being used to pay DStv multiple times a month.

And about Kwese…

With all these hustles, the winner is Kwese TV. You can use any form of payment to access Kwese TV and their $29 bouquet. Kwese is so much competition that DStv reduced their prices last month. However, considering Kwese’s lacklustre offering, online time will tell if they will continue to ride on the momentum they created. If so, we will be saved from one of the top foreign currency guzzlers, DStv


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