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Forget Siri, Google Now: Here Comes Zeroth from Qualcomm

Qualcomm’s Zeroth seems to be ready for an introduction on Android and we might be seeing the active personal assistant in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7, bundled with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 shown off in the Le Max Pro, the first phone to run the 820 chip at CES 2016. Anticipated to be one of the selling points for the Galaxy against the Apple iPhone 7, Zeroth is truly a game changer in the world of Artificial Intelligence. And indeed it helps solve one of the scapegoat for Samsung’s failures, software which is lackluster compared to the competition.


Zeroth is an Active Personal Assistant,  compared to Siri and Google Now, Apple and Google’s take on the personal assistant space. An active personal assistant will make decisions based on past events and past choices, without necessarily requiring user activation for every action. By employing an array of sensors to capture data, as well as previously stored data, Zeroth pre-empts the choices and needs of the user by doing things based on a pattern of previous events. Like opening the garage door for you, switching on home WiFi, lights and air conditioning when you come home. Or reminding you that you haven’t texted your mum in a while. Qualcomm Zeroth platform enables on-device intelligence and cognitive capabilities, and this includes a computing that mimics the human brain.

Qualcomm’s Zeroth has been built with features  that weren’t  focused on by other personal assistants. For instance, in photography, it can distinguish between a child and adult its owner, it can distinguish between  landscapes, animals. As such, this enables natural language search across the device. And Zeroth the active assistant will not stop in mobile phones, as the platform extends to the automobile version of the chip, the Snapdragon 820AM. The other capabilities of Zeroth include perception and reasoning, which help it to make the aforementioned actions before the user requests them. A powerful neural network that can mimic the way the human bran respond to situations makes these features possible.

Perception, reasoning and preemptive action inforgrahic for qualcomm Zeroth.
Qualcomm Zeroth boasts perception, reasoning and forwards action

A take on existing AI, Zeroth has powerful handwriting-to-text skills, using the phone’s camera to immediately recognize handwriting and change it to accurate text. It can learn its user’s habits to adjust power management, so programs only run when the device is actually going t0 be used thus improving battery life. Coupled with the automotive version, it is really interesting to see how things will develop. Cars that can learn the driving habits of the user, know that it’s time to go home and yes, today is a weekend and golf day.

Just cross your fingers, and hope these “personal assistants” won’t come to self realization, and turn against us. Same for you, Mark and your AI similar to Jarvis in Iron Man….

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